Detailed Services

Edenvale Hydraulics is one of the fastest growing hydraulic companies in South Africa. The company offers a complete range of mechanical Engineering and hydraulic services for a wide range of equipment and installations.

At Edenvale Hydraulics, we install repair and service hydraulic systems and components. All types and series of hydraulic cylinders. All types of hydraulic pumps and control valves. Our workshop is fully equipped with strong management structure and skilled artisans. We ensure only the highest levels of quality work being produced.

Our professional and experienced design and drawing team will provide our clients with expert designs for hydraulics systems. Edenvale Hydraulics offers the most advanced and reliable hydraulic repair services. We will repair all products within the shortest period of time effective hydraulic repair and hydraulic design services look no further than Edenvale Hydraulics. For hydraulic equipment to work, it must flow, should the flow encounter any block the pressure drops. For hydraulics to work optionally, its vital that the flow remains unrestricted, If you are in search of a seasoned services provides to services yours hydraulic equipment, look no further than Edenvale hydraulics

We do repairs to all major brands of hydraulic components and carry the spares for these accordingly. Assessments on receiving the component for repair and documentation it is stripped cleaned and inspected. The inspection report will list what spare parts need to be replaced or refurbished. A formal quotation and or a report is forwarded to the client for approval prior to commencement of repairs. The client may inspect the damaged item at our premises or discuss the possible causes of failure. The Unit is stored in a clean environment awaiting a go ahead from the client.

A qualified technician utilises the latest equipment and technical information for the correct assembly procedure for the component. Any refurbished part or in manufactured parts being manufactured parts take place in one of our machine shops with parts being manufactured to original equipment specifications.

Hydraulic flow and pressure

A hydraulic pump is a mechanical device converts mechanical power in hydraulic. When a hydraulic pump operates, it performs two functions, first its mechanical function creates a vacuum at the pump inlet, which allows atmospheric pressure to force liquid from the reservoir into the inlet line to the pump. Second, its mechanical action delivers this liquid to the pump outlet and forces it into the hydraulic system. All these requires the whole systems to be properly maintained which is our responsibility at Edenvale Hydraulics where quality service is guaranteed.

Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic power units are the main driving components of hydraulic systems, consisting mainly of a master, a reservoir, and hydraulic pump. These units can generate a tremendous amount of power to drive most any kind of hydraulic ram. At Edenvale Hydraulics, we make sure continued efficiency Hydraulics power units are used in a wide range of applications including, Automation, meat processing, machinery, mobile requirement, Aerospace test equipment, rolling mill machinery material handling, agricultural equipment, Paper mill.

Hydraulic power units can generally be used in any application that requires heavy systematic lifting or other requirements for the repeated use of powerful and directional force. Drive past any construction site and you are likely to see some kind of heavy construction machine be it a bulldozer, an excavator or even a skeedsteer all these machines rely on hydraulic power units to do their work. It is easy to overlook the widespread and impressive utility of hydraulic power units but listing of their applications it becomes clear that we rely on them for so much of what makes our society run smoothly and efficiently. At Edenvale Hydraulics, we keep your machinery running

Hydraulic Machinery installations

Proper machine installation is critical in maximising life cycle cost. Conversely improper installation is a chronic source of downtime, poor product quality, reduced capacity and high operating costs, installation requirements vary depending on the type of machine and its function there are basic best practices that must be followed of which that is ensured at Edenvale Hydraulics.

Edenvale Hydraulics is a 24 hours / 7 days week mobile services company that assist and provide services and installations in all fields of hydraulics to our customers. We have a range of hydraulic horses, fitting adaptors etc from low pressure to high-pressure assemblies and systems. Edenvale Hydraulics has been involved in numerous projects and from these projects, we can provide a wide range of products. At Edenvale Hydraulics, we strive in gaining new business and at the same time looking after our existing team of satisfied and happy clients. At Edenvale Hydraulics, we offer once off and contract services to suit every client. Our team of experienced and qualified mechanics is always ready to assist on emergency call.

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